ACEL ELEKTRIK SAN. TIC. LTD .STI. was established in 2010 and started operations in Bursa Free Zone /Gemlik with the primary objective of responding to export demands by taking advantage of the Free Zone.   

In the same year, it started to manufacture various terminal blocks under the Phoenix Contact brand name which is the international brand in electronics sector. In 2011, Phoenix Contact GmBH Germany purchased shares of ACEL ELEKTRIK in order to increase investments and expand the manufacturing line. Today, Phoenix Contact terminal blocks with more than 200 varieties produced in our country are being exported to all over the world and ACEL ELEKTRIK has been declared the global "exclusive distributor" for many products thanks to the high quality it provides. All of our products are UL, CSA, FM, VDE, ATEX certified.

With the advanced mold and injection lines included in the manufacturing line in 2012, our country started to provide raw materials as well.

Currently operating on an area of 1,250 square meter,  ACEL ELEKTRIK employs 75 people and is planning to manufacture significant international brands in the future.

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