CEMBRE is a leading manufacturer of electrical connectors, instalation tooling and equipments, cable accesories, identification and labelling systems and tools for Railway applications, now meets Turkish market with the experience and know-how of Kardes Elektrik.

CEMBRE, located in Brescia, central Italy, one of the leading European company, serving with their production facilities on a 128,000 m2 land and 620 employees. CEMBRE has a very broad product portfolio for electrical connectors and hand tools as well as cable and terminal labeling products. Also offering very innovative products developed for railway installations applications.

CEMBRE products are exported to the whole world mainly in Europe and U.S. market. Besides the Brescia factory their 2nd manufacturing unit in Irelan. Also they had local sales office in UK, France, Spain, Norway and U.S.

Since March 2016, KARDEŞ ELEKTRIK, will meet CEMBRE's wide product range with the Turkish Industry as an authorized representative of CEMBRE in Turkey

Their products approved by international quality standarts as CE, UL, ROHS, ISO:9001-9002, ISO 14001.

-              Manual Mechanical Tools.

-              Haydraulic and Battery Powered Haydraulic Tools

-              Copper and Aluminium Cable Lugs

-              Insulated and Non-Insulated Connectors

-              Single pole terminal blocks and power distrubition blocks.

-              Cable Glands and accesories.

-              Identification and Labelling Systems and Printers.

-              Railway Products