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Renewed Series Kardeş Cable Lugs


Correct Lugs for Correct Jaws

Kardeş Cable Lugs are manufactured from 99,95% Cu-ETP electrolytic copper in conformity with EN 13600 requirements. Our standard production ranges between 10 mm2 to 400 mm2 in different profiles and metric measures. Our terminals are designed especially for optimum electrical conductivity values. We welcome any additional customer requirements. 

“Kardeş Elektrik has introduced “Correct Lugs for Correct Jaws” approach, recommends using clamping jaws that are produced according to industrial standards. We will be pleased to help you with correct product selection.

Kardeş Cable Lugs which we developed taking customer requirements into consideration are reachable thanks to our widespread dealer network and sales offices across Turkey In abroad, in order to satisfy your needs with competitive prices and high quality standards.

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