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Mega Starter Solenoid Family Continues to Grow!


The Mega Starter Solenoid family continues to grow. In August 2021, 12 new types were added to the existing 30 types of solenoid family. Now we have  42 types available!

In the newly added series ,there are following products;

6 types of Bosch  (SBO-0371, SBO-1371, SBO-1639, SBO-2371, SBO-2571, SBO-4382)

1 type of Hitachi  (SHI-1981)

2 types of Mitsubishi (SMI-0753C, SMI-2896)

1 type of Nippon Denso (SND-2708)

2 types of Valeo  (SVA-0391, SVA-0494)


You can access the product pages by clicking the links below.

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