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Kardeş Elektrik 2016 İş Ortakları Toplantısı Belgrad''da gerçekleşti


The organization received full points from the participants with its efficient meeting and colorful program.

On the first day, a comprehensive Belgrade city tour was organized with a guide; Among the places visited were Nikola Tesla Museum, Castle Square, Military Museum, Istanbul Gate, Clock Tower, Damat Ali Pasha Tomb, Leopoldov Gate, Nebojsa Tower, Lazerevic monument. This energetic and beautiful city of the Balkans fascinated the visitors.

At the meeting held on the second day, the opening speech was made by the Chairman and General Manager of Kardeş Elektrik, Sırrı Kardeş. New projects, including 2016 general evaluations, goals, strategies, new products and customer relations, were examined and mutual opinions were shared.

On the last day's tour, Karlofça was visited first, and then the city of Novi Sad in the north of the country. Visitors who took information and photographed about these beautiful historical places from the guide had the opportunity to share a beautiful touristic trip together.

Thus, another Kardeş Elektrik Dealer meeting, in which good shares, new discoveries, new goals and friendships were reinforced, was completed.

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