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Kardeş Cable Lugs


Kardeş Elektrik San. Ve Tic. A.Ş, which has been operating in the electricial sector for more than 50 years. has started to manufacture cable lugs with the experience and know-how it has gained over the years.

You can reach detailed list of cable lug series from this link....

All cable lugs producing from 99.95% Cu-ETP electrolytic copper tubes. From 10 to 400 mm2 is our standard production, but also available for different section and metric size, according to specific requirements., Cable Lugs are specially designed for an optimum electrical conductivity values. As a company that introduced the concept of "correct lugs - proper dies" to the market, we recommend the use of proper dies, specially designed and produced for our cable lugs. We are ready to assist you in selecting the correct product as always.

Kardeş Elektrik Cable Lugs, which we have developed in line with increasing competition conditions, increasing supply of low quality materials and increasing demand, will always be at your closest with our widespread dealership network and sales offices all over Turkey to meet the needs of the sector with competitive price and high quality standards.

Producing quality for 60+ years