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EK30IDML - A small, dieless, battery-powered crimping tool


The EK30IDML is the perfect tool for those who want to crimp a wide area at the cable lugs with little expenditure. It uses the familiar indent crimping method. A change of dies is therefore not required and makes it possible to work quickly even with different applications.

The EK30IDML makes it possible to crimp all commonly used cable lugs of the R-, L-, F- and Q-series for the conductor classes 2, 5 and 6 without requiring a die change. The head of the tool is designed such that only cable lugs can be crimped that fit into the tool based on their form and size. The design protects the user from potential misapplications.

Thanks to the low weight and size, the EK30IDML is the ideal tool for tight spaces and makes it possible to work quickly and easily. Thanks to the 1.5 Ah rechargeable battery, it is easy to get through a full workday on one charge.

The new EK30IDML is the perfect addition to Klauke’s ML family portfolio.

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