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Kraus & Naimer Cam Switches

Technical Information and Standards

What are Cam Switches?

What is Cam Switch?

Cam switch is an electromechanical switch that works with a rotation effect. It enables the transfer of electrical energy from one area to another.

What Does Cam Switch Do?

Cam switches are rotated at various angles with the help of a lever and shaft, allowing the transmission of electrical energy from one point to another desired point. As a result of turning the handle, the contacts on it change position.

Where is Cam Switch used?

Packet switches can be used instead of buttons in starting and stopping low-power electrical equipment (to energize and isolate the load) and control circuits. In addition, pacco switches are used for on and off operation in motor control circuits, for starting the motor in star-delta and direct starting circuits, for operating electric motors as forward and reverse reversing, for control switches in double-speed motors, as measurement switches in measurement circuits, and energy in control circuits. They can be used for orientation purposes.

Cam switches are produced up to a maximum of 200A and up to 8 poles.

Cam switches should not be confused with load disconnectors. Although they are similar in structure, load disconnectors generally operate 1-0 and can isolate higher currents. Cam switches, on the other hand, can operate in more positions and give a different direction to the energy in each position.

In addition, pacco switches and contactors work completely different from each other. Yes, both electrical energy is directed, but the pacco switch is manually controlled, the contactor directs the energy after the coil is energized. In other words, an electrical energy is needed for the contactor to work.

Cam Switch types

On-off pacco switches: There are 1 and 0 positions.

Pole changing pacco switches: There are 1-0-2 positions

Step switches: There are 0-1-2-3 positions

Voltmeter or ammeter commutators: They are connected to an ammeter or voltmeter to display the phase-neutral / phase-neutral voltages and currents at the selected location.

Control pacing switches: There are start-stop positions

Multi-stage pacco switches: They have positions in the form of 0-1-2-3-4… ..11.

Star-delta pacco switches: They are used for manual star-delta starting.

Changeover switches: They are used to manually start and control the motor forward and backward.

Dahlander Cam switches: They are used in Dahlander circuits.

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